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We are a professional cosmetic distributor. One of the top companies you may recognize is NYX. We are the sole distributor of NYX. We also carry LA Girl, LA Color, 3D-eyelashes, K-Beauty, and many more products

NYX Cosmetics

Welcome to the world of NYX Cosmetics – where beauty meets boldness. As a trendsetting and iconic brand, NYX is renowned for its professional-grade makeup that empowers individuals to express their unique style. From vivid pigments to innovative formulations, NYX Cosmetics delivers high-quality products that inspire creativity and confidence. Discover a world of endless possibilities with NYX, where beauty knows no bounds.


Welcome to the vibrant world of L.A. Colors Cosmetics! Known for its extensive range of high-quality and affordable beauty products, L.A. Colors brings forth a palette of colors to enhance every individual’s natural beauty. From bold hues to everyday essentials, our cosmetics are designed to inspire creativity and self-expression. Experience the perfect blend of style and affordability with L.A. Colors, where beauty is limitless, and every shade tells a story.

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At L.A. Colors, we understand that beauty is a journey, and we are here to accompany you every step of the way. From the vibrant pigments to the versatile formulations, our cosmetics are crafted to inspire and celebrate your individuality. Join us in redefining beauty – where every shade has a story, and every product is a brushstroke in your personal canvas. Elevate your beauty experience with L.A. Colors Cosmetics, where the world is your palette.


J.Cat Cosmetics: Elevate your beauty routine with our innovative and trendsetting products. From vibrant eyeshadows to bold lip colors, J.Cat Cosmetics offers a diverse range of high-quality makeup essentials designed to inspire confidence and self-expression. Unleash your creativity and redefine beauty with our thoughtfully curated collection, where every product is a statement waiting to be made.

Explore our Exclusive Brands:

  • NYX: Elevate your makeup game with NYX, a leading name in the beauty industry known for its trendsetting and professional-grade cosmetics.

  • LA Girl and LA Color: Unleash your creativity with the vibrant and innovative products from LA Girl and LA Color. Discover a spectrum of colors and textures to express your unique style.

  • J.Cat: Enhance your natural beauty with our collection of exquisit  products, designed to add the perfect finishing touch to any look.

Why Choose Joon Beauty?

  • Exclusive Distribution: We are the sole distributor of NYX and other top brands, ensuring that you have access to the latest and most sought-after beauty products.

  • Quality Assurance: Our commitment to quality means that every product in our catalog meets the highest industry standards, providing you with confidence and satisfaction.

  • Diverse Selection: From classic favorites to cutting-edge trends, our extensive product range caters to every beauty need and preference.

  • Industry Insights: Stay ahead of the curve with Joon Beauty. We keep a finger on the pulse of beauty trends, bringing you the latest innovations and must-have products.

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