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Auto Eye & Lip Liner (CAE 661-665/ CAL 561-572)

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Smudge proof auto eyeliner glides on smoothly to define and accentuate eyes. Creamy auto lipliner lines and fills lips beautifully. Just twist & apply. No sharpening needed!


[Eyeliner] CAE 661-Black, [Eyeliner] CAE 662-Black Brown, [Eyeliner] CAE 663-Brown, [Eyeliner] CAE 664-Navy, [Eyeliner] CAE 665-White, [Lipliner] CAL 561-Nude, [Lipliner] CAL 562-Perfect Brown, [Lipliner] CAL 563-Mauve, [Lipliner] CAL 564-Iced Coral, [Lipliner] CAL 565-Pinky, [Lipliner] CAL 566-Rose Brown, [Lipliner] CAL 567-Cafe, [Lipliner] CAL 568-Cocoa, [Lipliner] CAL 569-Fiery Red, [Lipliner] CAL 570-Chocolate, [Lipliner] CAL 571-Burgundy, [Lipliner] CAL 572-Currant, SET


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