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Cream & Matte Lipstick (CML 461-492)

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Matte about color! L.A. COLORS Matte Lipstick has you covered with 16 gorgeous, matte shades. This revolutionary formula redefines Matte – wears comfortably and will not dry out lips. The wide range of eye-catching colors is highlighted by the modern, square design and includes everyday nudes to vampy, bold shades. Lips are supple, yet velvety matte.

Crazy about color – L.A. COLORS lipstick is available in a wide range of color options and two finishes – Matte and Cream. Color coordinated case featuring a modern, square design that has a glossy texture for the Cream formula and soft finish for the Matte formula. Both formulas leave lips feeling nourished and drenched in gorgeous color.


[Matte] CML 461-Classy, [Matte] CML 462-Tender, [Matte] CML 463-In Love, [Matte] CML 464-Femme, [Matte] CML 465-Whirlwind, [Matte] CML 466-Tantalize, [Matte] CML 467-Enchanting, [Matte] CML 468-Mad Love, [Matte] CML 469-Entice, [Matte] CML 470-Starlet, [Matte] CML 471-Mysterious, [Matte] CML 472-Bewitched, [Matte] CML 473-Torrid, [Matte] CML 474-Venom, [Matte] CML 475-Wicked, [Matte] CML 476-Charmed, [Cream] CML 477-Buttercream, [Cream] CML 478-Latte, [Cream] CML 479-Angelic, [Cream] CML 480-Heavenly, [Cream] CML 481-Divine, [Cream] CML 482-Yummy, [Cream] CML 483-Delish, [Cream] CML 484-Whipped, [Cream] CML 485-Sugarcoated, [Cream] CML 486-Sweets, [Cream] CML 487-Candied, [Cream] CML 488-Exquisite, [Cream] CML 489-Voluptuous, [Cream] CML 490-Decadent, [Cream] CML 491-Cherished, [Cream] CML 492-Sacory, SET


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