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HD PRO Primer Eyeshadow Stick(GEB195-197)

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HD PRO Primer Eyeshadow Stick is a multi-tasking primer that has a light weight, non-sticky formula that sets for a long-lasting eye makeup application. The smooth texture glides over eyelids to prep your eyes for a flawless, even application. HD PRO Primer Eyeshadow Stick is a universal primer that serves as a base, works on all skin types and allows you to wear your favorite eyeshadow all day long while enhancing the pigments in most eyeshadows.

-Universal primer that serves as a base for eyeshadows
-Provides all day long wear and enhances the pigments of most eyeshadows
-Addresses appearance of redness and discoloration
-Balances the skin and brightens the eyelids


White(GEB195), Nude(GEB196), Black(GEB197)


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